Thursday, May 05, 2011

Almost Everything

To mark Front Row’s fifth anniversary, the multi-label store launched ‘Almost Everything‘, a book-magazine that celebrates all that the store has come to be recognised for: fashion, eclecticism, lifestyle, art and design. They include 5Editors, 5Stylists, 5writers, 5designers, 5graphic designers, 5friends, 5artists, 5photographers, and 5more things. An eclectic collection of fashion pictorials, interviews, essays, poetry and even recipes separated into 15 chapters. More details of my contribution to the book here.

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The Design of Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy definitely left an impression on me, especially when it comes down to the special effects. Code-artist Josh Nimoy, together with Bradley Munkowitz, better known as GMUNK led a team of GFX all-stars who conceived, designed and animated approximately 10 minutes of UI sequences and holograms at Digital Domain for director Joseph Kosinski and visual effects supervisor Eric Barba. Here are some of the highlights and the interview with Bradley.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Braun Watches, it's about time. Dieter Rams would be proud.

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The Tree of Life

Another cinematic feat from Terrence Malick, can't wait to catch it.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tom Darracott

Stunning work from Tom Darracott, ex-Village Greener. Darracott joined the design studio where he worked across the spectrum of graphic design, ranging from corporate branding to 3D illustration.

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Movies in brief

Rather than trying to write or sound like a Roger Ebert, here are some movies I've watched recently, highly recommended in my opinion. 'Loft' is on it's way to a Hollywood remake, what's new?

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Monday, May 02, 2011


Thanks to David and QBN for the UNIT linkup. The site is finally done, presenting the hits & misses and most importantly, those work that pays the bills and the agencies I've worked with that provided all the opportunities.

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Design Culture

It’s a great feeling to know your efforts in promoting design literacy over the years is being commended. ‘Design Culture‘ is a section I created 7 years ago featuring an eclectic body of work from designers coming from different disciplines around the world. Recently, I recalled coming across this article about the site in Guy Julier’s book ‘The Culture of Design’, and my definition on 'design culture', and the site served a good case study.

Here are excerpts from the first edition:

Now into it’s second edition, the book is aimed at students of design studies, design history, cultural studies and sociology. ‘The Culture of Design’ offers a unique overview of design practice in contemporary culture and society. He’s pretty much summed up what ‘design culture’ in it’s context: “Design Culture is the study of the interrelationships between design artefacts, in all their manifestations, the work of designers, design production (including marketing, advertising and distribution) and their consumption.”

Dieter Rams is one great example.

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