Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Monocle x Porter shoulder bag

Simple, elegant & timeless. A Christmas pressie perhaps...

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Nicely crafted and quirky sneaker designs from the Salt Lake City clothing company.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Icono - Zinc Chan

The Icono has created a new experience for the telephone, and I don't mind owning one. Product design by Hong Kong bred, London-based Zinc Chan.

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Amy Hunting

The Book Box has built in book stands which allows you to place different sized books randomly in the box without them falling over, all this under the Patchwork series. Created & designed by Amy Hunting, a Norwegian furniture designer and illustrator now based in London.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Kraftwerk classic vids

Kraftwerk's coming to town. Classic videos for those who don't know who they are...


The Robots

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

All Back To Mine.Session 27

Come all ye faithful...
Saturday, October 11 from 11:00pm onwards.
Expect the sounds of Andrew Weatherall, M83, Booka Shade, Swayzak, Todd Terje and Hercules & Love Affair, Pantytec, Prins Thomas, SCSI-9, Ame, Roland Appel, Model 500, Mathew Jonson & many more. Boys Noize will be playing in the main room.

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Chemical Brothers: Midnight Madness Google Earth Video

Filmmakers, photographers and artists joined forces in creating a unique global video project for The Chemical Brothers with Google Earth. Participate here.

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Friday, October 03, 2008

MusicBooth update

The UNIT MusicBooth has been updated, enjoy.

1. Elle Et Moi/Joakim Remix - Max Berlin
2. Spanish Heart/ft. Bernard Summner - 808 State
3. Life's A Beach/Todd Terje Remix - Studio
4. Surfing At Midnight (Prins Thomas Remix) - Sorcerer
5. No Bones/ft.Paul Conboy - Bomb The Bass
6. Loops & Boundaries - Repeat Repeat
7. Vesna, Lastic & Elliott - SCSI-9
8. Starlight/Echospace Unreleased Mix - Model 500
9. Yacht - Justus Köhncke
10. My Friend Is A Seahorse /James Priestley & Dan Berkson's 'Barlz E Syntho' Dub - Kissogram
11. Dark Soldier - Roland Appel
12. Confused - Catz'n Dogz
13. Inner Hurt - Jay Haze
14. In The Moog For Love - Steadycam
15. Your Place or Mine - Audion
16. Schallstrom/Thomas Fehlmann Remix - Apparat
17. Serpentin - Ricardo Villalobos
18. Repeat - Cubenx
19. Sequencial Circus - Will Saul & Tam Cooper
20. Don And Sherri/Hot Chip Version - Matthew Dear

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The folks over at BASE have been busy and "declared blog on the world. Weary of both the formality of the traditional website and of talking about themselves in the third person, the studio resorted to unleashing a devastating, freewheeling vehicle for showcasing interesting people and projects that may or may not relate directly to Base."

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Fractured Recordings presents Recovery: a limited edition box set of cover versions of classic hits from the 70s 80s and 90s, performed by seminal and leading contemporary musicians working within electronica. Published as a numbered limited edition of 500, this collectors’ box set contains 10 double A side 7”s, alongside unique cover designs by artist Graham Dolphin.

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Adidas FLASH

A new interactive film for Adidas Originals : Adidas FLASH, from 180 Amsterdam’s Lyall Coburn and Hi-Res!.

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Dirty Diesel advertises its 30th birthday party with this film by The Viral Factory, directed by Keith Schofield. Very safe for work...

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