Tuesday, October 18, 2011

100 Friends 100 Artists 100 Inspirations

tcc - The Connoisseur Concerto, the leading purveyor of gourmet coffees in Singapore, in collaboration with :phunk studio and art-management.com, is pleased to announce a new conceptual art exhibition entitled “100 Friends 100 Artists 100 Inspirations”. tcc - The Connoisseur Concerto has been a strong supporter of art in Singapore for seven years and in collaboration with art-management.com has held 35 exhibitions within its “The Gallery” on 51 Circular Road. 100 Friends 100 Artists 100 Inspirations will see artists return to the gallery for a homecoming and will be a platform to benefit the non-profit organisation TRANSMISSION: PROJECT.

The exhibition, conceptualised and curated by art-management.com and :phunk studio, will showcase 100 portraits featuring 100 inspirational figures that have influenced and encouraged 100 well known Singaporean and international artists from multi-discipline artistic practices. All 100 A4 portraits will be framed and priced at a very affordable S$199.00. Buyers will be able to take their new artwork home on the same day. The exhibition will be a unique chance to view work from such a diverse range of artists and creative disciplines.

I'm glad to be a part of the 100 artists in this fund-raising event and exhibition, so do come down and lend your support. For more info, view the press release here.

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