Thursday, August 19, 2010

Daydreaming with... James Lavelle

Dreaming with... takes place over the UK August bank holiday (August 27-30), and is the first in a series of annual festivals which aim to explore the relationship between music and art. Lavelle (aka UNKLE) is curating this first one, and will bring together works from an extensive list of his collaborators over the years, including Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones (artwork from UNKLE's latest album Where Did The Night Fall shown top), Jonathan Glazer, Futura, Ben Drury, Kai and Sunny, Oswaldo Macia, Nathan Coley, Simon Birch and Jamie Shovlin. Each artist will create a new artwork inspired by music composed for the project by UNKLE, and the music and art will be combined in the gallery space.

John Hillcoat’s video for The Answer starring Ray Winstone.

Saviours and Angels, however, is that rarest of things - a music video (or to be more precise: a short film set to music) that has been thought over as much as the track(s) it showcases, and can be viewed entirely independently, brimming with artistic merit of its own as it is. The three parts, directed by Paul Andrew Wilson, fit together to form a short film triptych that provides a relentlessly bleak look at urban alienation in Britain, in which each segment features an exclusive UNKLE song.

There are also three new UNKLE tracks which are featured can be downloaded for free.
(via Creative Review)

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