Monday, May 05, 2008

Ghostly International

Michigan's Ghostly International was created in 1999 by Sam Valenti IV in his dorm room at the University of Michigan. While in college, the concept of a "complete" music/art brand seemed like a necessity, inspired in no small part by the Art History degree he was working towards. This attention to detail spilled into the label design and all related materials, from LPs to event flyers to clothing. Since then, the label has become one of America's premier channels for forward-thinking music, from abstract electronics to avant-pop. Home to artists such as Matthew Dear, Lusine, Osborne, Daniel Wang, Midwest Product, The Chap, Ghostly celebrates a diversity of styles that run the electronic gamut.

This followed up with sister-label Spectral Sound, with its focus on the dancefloor. Artists combine elements of techno, house and other classic dance styles with a modern touch.

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